Additional security for Workday coming soon

On September 18, 2017, the College will be enabling a technology called Multifactor Authentication (MFA) that will help increase the security of the data stored in Workday.  MFA will require that everyone who accesses Workday have, in addition to their username and password, an additional method of identifying who they are (called “authentication”).  These methods include a text message to a cell phone, an email message sent to a non-TCC email address, or the use of a free smartphone app.  Along with MFA, we are also enabling technology that will allow you to easily reset your password, or unlock your account, 24 hours a day without the need to contact the IT Help Desk. 

Additional information, along with help articles, will be provided the week of September 11th. Information Technology will also have the Centre Building, 1st Floor conference room available for help all day 9/18 and 9/20.

Why are we doing this?

By now you are all aware that the purpose of email phishing attacks is to entice you into providing a hacker with your username and password.  Armed with that information the hacker can then log into any of the systems you have access to and steal and modify your personal information.  And if your job duties provide you with access to information on others the hackers could gain access to that data, too.

TCC is not immune to phishing attempts.  Each time the College is subject to a phishing attack there are TCC employees who click on the links and fill in the forms, thus giving the hackers access to their Workday and email accounts.  And the number of employees who click on a link in a phishing email has been as high as 10%.  So the problem is real, and the potential for loss of your data, or data that you have access, to is significant.  Many of you are already familiar with MFA as banks and other online businesses use these secondary means of authentication for exactly the same reasons.

We will continue to work on educating the campus on the dangers of falling victim to phishing attempts. But requiring a second means of authentication will greatly reduce the risk that a hacker will gain access to your confidential information in Workday via phishing or other techniques.

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