Thanksgiving Wishes

Thanksgiving Wishes

This week we will be taking a break to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. It is the perfect time of the year that we all should use to pause and reflect on what we’re thankful for.

I am thankful for our students who chose Tallahassee Community College. That choice indicates their trust in our institution to provide them with the opportunity to earn a College degree. What an honor it is for us to be helping them with this leg of their journey.

I am thankful for our faculty and staff who serve these students and who made a conscious decision to teach at a community college knowing that many of our students come to us with nothing but their desire to better their chances at a good job.

I am thankful we have a college that cares. Last week I dropped some nonperishables by the SLICE Office for the Food Pantry drive and was reminded both of how many of our students are food insecure or who are working one or more jobs to make ends meet while attending classes. I was so grateful to our team who put together these resources and events to help provide for those in need.

What will you do this season to demonstrate what you are thankful for? Will you go out of your way to treat someone with respect? Will you lend a helping hand to someone who needs it? Will you perform at least one random act of kindness a day?

It is important for us to be thankful. It is also important for us to demonstrate our gratitude in meaningful ways.

Enjoy your time off with family and friends, and have a safe and happy Thanksgiving break.

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