Thank You For Your Perseverance

Thank You For Your Perseverance

Dear Students,

Now that it is finals week, I would like to congratulate each of you for your perseverance this semester. You worked hard and made it to the end. Some of you are graduating and will be either transferring to a university or entering the workforce, while others are continuing here at TCC. I just want to say how proud I am of all those who chose to prioritize their education this year.

You can’t imagine how important that will be in shaping your future success!

We live in unprecedented times, not just in terms of the restrictions the COVID-19 pandemic has placed on our day-to-day, but also its impact on our economy. Many have suddenly found themselves without work – you probably know someone in your family, or one of your friends, or even you. And yet, paradoxically, many jobs in our community are going unfilled due to lack of qualified candidates.

Do not let up on your dreams. As you wrap up finals this week and celebrate your accomplishment of completing this semester, please don’t forget to register for spring. Now more than ever, we need talent, we need skills, we need creativity, and we need resilience. We are experiencing the single greatest disruption in the history of education. Do not allow this to interrupt your own personal goals.

Register at:

In a time when hugs and handshakes have been replaced by head nods and waves, you have found a way to remain on your educational path and open to the possibilities of the future. I encourage you to keep moving forward.

Best of luck on your finals!

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