New Vice President for Communications Named

New Vice President for Communications Named

I wish to share with you that at Monday’s District Board of Trustees meeting, we announced that Al Moran is retiring June 30 as Vice President for Communications and Marketing. I am incredibly grateful to Al for his eight years of service to the College. He has contributed tremendously to the success of TCC in that time, and I hope you will all join with me in wishing him a very happy retirement.

Having known Al’s retirement was on the horizon, I have had time to consider who would be ideally suited for the role and am proud to announce that Candice Grause will become the new Vice President for Communications. She will oversee the Communications and Marketing office in addition to continuing her service as Chief of Staff. With Candice’s 12 years at the College, her experience from her prior role in the Communications office, and her track record of leadership as Chief of Staff, I am confident she will be able to strengthen our communications outreach efforts and elevate our brand.

Candice will assume the role on May 1, allowing for a two-month overlap with VP Moran to ensure a smooth transition.

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