Recent email phishing test


We’ve had a number of questions about the last email phishing test which referred to COVID-19 vaccinations. The company that we use to conduct these tests creates messages that mimic real-world phishing that is currently happening, and in recent months there has been a noticeable trend in hackers using vaccine-related phishing. We understand these messages can sometimes be confusing, so in an effort to help you better spot phishing messages, please remember the following:
  • The FROM address in an email is not necessarily real. It is relatively easy for hackers to “spoof” messages to make them look like they are coming from someone else (i.e. This should not be your only way to verify the email’s contents.
  • A yellow box (see below) confirms the message is from outside of TCC. So if you see the yellow box, but the email says it is from someone at TCC, that should be a red flag.

  • By hovering your mouse over a link, but not clicking, you can see the actual website the link will take you to. For example, the email text may appear as , but that text has been hyperlinked to redirect to an unrelated site (you can try this by hovering over the link in this sentence). So while you may think you’re clicking on a link to our website, you may be redirected to a hacker site that can scrape your personal information. If the link when you hover does not match where you think the link should go, or if it simply looks strange to you, then don’t click.
  • Verify the email. Don’t forget, you can always verify an email by contacting the sender via another means (i.e. phone), or typing the referenced website address directly into your browser without clicking the link. If in doubt, report the message as a ‘Phish Alert’ in Outlook. 
Our goal in regularly conducting these phishing tests is to help all TCC staff be more aware in spotting phishing messages so that our network does not fall victim to them. Protecting the college’s data is a shared responsibility. We appreciate your understanding and thank you for your cooperation.


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