Microsoft Teams for TCC

I am pleased to announce the general availability of Microsoft Teams for the College.

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration tool that combines conversations, chat, file sharing, collaboration, voice calls and video conferencing all in one application. It is a fantastic tool for working collaboratively within a department, division or ad hoc workgroup. And it is available to all TCC staff.  We have been using Teams extensively within Information Technology (IT) and it has transformed how we work. And during this time of remote-work, it is our go to application to make quick voice and video calls to each other and to have individual and group chats. And it avoids those endless email messages with line after line of quoted text. Here is a quick video that gives you an idea of what Teams can do:

IT will be creating teams for every department and cost center, and those teams will be automatically updated daily to reflect the organizational information in Workday. Once those teams are created later this week you will receive an email message telling you that you have been added to a team(s).  We have some helpful information for you to get started with Teams here:

And we have links to a wealth of training information, some specific to using Teams in education, here:

And if you, your department or your workgroup would like a workshop, you can request a drop-in session here (we can also schedule longer sessions for you or your team):

In addition to the automatic teams you also have the ability to create your own ad hoc teams for and projects or workgroups that you need. You can even include people from outside of TCC in your ad hoc teams (provided that they have a Microsoft account; many already have it from their school or business but anyone can create an account for free).

We hope that you will find Teams a valuable addition to the software tools that you have available to collaborate with others.



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Vice President for Information Technology
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