Further securing Zoom meetings: Limiting access to only TCC community


To give you more control over the security of your Zoom meetings you now have the ability to limit access to specific meetings to only members of the TCC community. If you enable this feature for a meeting then only people who have logged in to Zoom using their TCC email address and password will be able to join your meeting. Zoom requires two steps to use this feature.

First, you need to enable “authenticated users” for Zoom meetings. You only need to do this once:

You can now limit access to specific Zoom meetings to only members of the TCC community who have logged in to Zoom using single sign on (SSO). Note that you will need to do this for any meeting where you want to limit access (it is not enabled by default):

This is a great way to help reduce the chance that any large Zoom meetings you host for the campus community will get “zoom bombed” by others.  



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