Technology resources to support remote work

Dear Faculty and Staff:

To support and facilitate your transition to online instruction and remote work, Information Technology has created a web page to help you quickly identify and install the software that many of you will find necessary and helpful:

Many of the tools on this page have been described in a previous email from me. However, there are some new items that will be of interest and/or necessity:

Avaya IX Workplace
The Avaya IX Workplace software will allow you to send and receive telephone calls on your mobile phone (iOS and android) using your TCC telephone number. When you have the app open, any calls to your office number will ring within the app. And you can use the telephone dialer built into the app to make calls that will appear to come from the College and that will not display your cell phone number (note: you can still use the dialer built into your cell phone to make/receive calls using your cell number). When you are done taking/making calls for the day you can quit the app and your calls will go to voicemail just as they do when you are not at your desk. And, as always, any voicemail messages that you receive will be sent to your email. PLEASE NOTE: while you can download the software from the remote work web page and install the required VPN software, you will not be able to log in to the Avaya IX app itself until Monday morning, March 23 (our telephone vendor is completing essential work this evening).

A number of staff will need to use specialized VPN software to access software applications and web sites that normally require them to physically be on campus. You can now download and install the VPN software from the remote work web page; it is ready for use.

We created the remote work page and the documentation as quickly as we could, so the documentation may not be perfect. As a result we will be tweaking and likely adding to the page over the next few weeks. We appreciate your understanding.



Bret Ingerman
Vice President for Information Technology
Tallahassee Community College

(850) 201-6082

444 Appleyard Drive
Tallahassee, FL, 32304-2895

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