IAM Cloud Update

Good Afternoon,

As Vice President Ingerman stated last week, we are terminating our relationship with IAM Cloud at the end of the day on Friday, March 10th. As a result of this change there will be a noticeable difference in how you access your shared files and folders as Cloud Drive Mapper will no longer be an option to access your data.
Moving forward, we will be utilizing Microsoft’s recommended and supported methods for accessing data in the cloud: OneDrive and SharePoint. The primary method we suggest for accessing your files and folders in the cloud is through your web browser. This will allow you easy access from your desktop computer, classroom computer, or any other device connected to the Internet. This is the same method students will access their OneDrive files in the public computer labs.
Alternately, there is software that you can install, called a sync client, that will allow you to have copies of your files stored on your local computer and any changes that you make are then synchronized to the cloud.  There are both hard drive space and configuration issues that you will need to be aware of should you choose to use the sync client.  As a result, we highly recommend that you read the FAQ linked below to understand the choices available to you to access your data: https://tcc.teamdynamix.com/TDClient/KB/ArticleDet?ID=26055
After the maintenance window concludes this weekend, you can access your data two ways:
Option 1 (Web-Based): Through Office 365 at login.tcc.fl.edu
Help Sheets:
1.       How to access your OneDrive files (former O: drive)
2. How to access your Departmental Drive from SharePoint Online (former G: drive)
Option 2 (Client-Based): Install the Microsoft OneDrive client then synchronize the files and folders to your local machine
Help Sheets:
How to Install OneDrive Sync Client
1.       Windows 7
2.       Windows 10
3.       Mac
If you experience any issues during the installation of the client, please submit a help ticket at the link below:
How to Sync Specific Departmental Drive files/folders with OneDrive (Use CAUTION, this copies data to your computer. If you sync all the data from the departmental drives your computer may become unusable!)
Do not forget that Tech Training provides training workshops on OneDrive; you can register for them here: